Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sydney Power House Museum

Yesterday was a rush day.
Again, i'm not talking about what happen in my office, it was what happen to our business.

As you might already know, My design, the optimusbags sleeve plus will be presented at Designboom design mart at Sydney this August.

The different now, is, we decided to fly to Sydney by ourself, not only the product.
This will be a huge step for us. We're now entering a bigger sphere that ours right now. The decision make us very nervous. We discuss the matter a lot, with moms, some friends and with other great Indonesian designer that will go there too.

We calculated the budget(still need to find the source), stay plan and many other.

But at the mean time. We, me and my lovely wife, decided to try again that law of attraction (which is of course actually work for us many times before). So, since i haven't been to Sydney before, i spend some time this morning to see google maps and try to find where is the Power House Museum. We need to feel it.

Curious? here are the link, so can feel it too.