Sunday, January 11, 2009 Palm pre blog by me

Last week, Palm and once big names in PDA market, has release their latest product.
But there are something special about this new product called Palm Pre, this time, it is equipped with brand new OS caled WebOS which is based on Linux (i like Linux remember).

Second i read the story, i realize that this could be the next big thing (after Asus eee pc hype in 2008).
So, i create a blog and soon a web forum around this Palm Pre and Palm WebOS, mirroring the success of similar blog and webforum for eee pc from what i see.

Here it is, friends or everybody..
I present you a blog dedicated for Palm Pre and Palm WebOS.
Feel free to follow join sure it would be a nice product to have and to follow.

Oh..i also make a twitter microblog for it. Follow it at