Tuesday, November 25, 2008

KDE netbook edition part 1

Although i'm not full time Linux user, i always love to follow news and
evolution of them.
One of my favorite project is KDE, a full desktop environment for Linux
and other Unixes.
I remember installing KDE Beta 4 on Redhat 5.0 back then, i love this
project ever since.

Today, thanks for netbook hype, Linux is hot again. Suddenly many
variant specially for netbook comes up. Ubuntu has its Ubuntu Netbook
remix, GOS has its GOS 3.0 Gadget and dozen of other special distro for
Asus eee pc.

Back to KDE. They just released their latest KDE 4.1 this year. The new
version came up with unique Plasma technology. Unlike any other desktop
environment in the world, KDE team used this Plasma, called Plasmoid, to
build the desktop interface. So, if im not mistaken (im not a Linux
expert, just casual reader), the desktop is build from many modular
component, very clever.

Then i had an idea. What if we design and build an interface for netbook
from KDE 4 with special Plasmoid?
Can this be done?
But before going thrue, since im a designer, i'll try to imagine what
will it looks like first.

to be continue