Monday, April 23, 2007

My official website

Long time no post..
Well, i don't have enough time to write a new post for this blog. If you haven't heard, i've developing 2 new commercial blog the last 3 month.

But today is different.
Just yesterday afternoon, i purchased a new domain and hosting for my new central web. This will be the official web for my dream enterprise and its called

I choose the the lifeform for 2 reason.
First, i want my enterprise to grow just like a lifeform, follow the mother nature law and walking all the phase just like we all do.
Two, well, i have planned to create a design studio under this brand. With this brand, i want our product have a lively form, organic and resemble the effectiveness of the natural lifeform found on the universe (just in case you haven't know, lifeform do live outside earth, so lets include them all).

well, what do you think?

Ok, i know, this new website hasn't finished yet, it only have index.html actually. But this website is my first step toward independency and financial freedom, amien..

In the mean time, enjoy the index.html :)