Sunday, March 18, 2007

Everyone has special ability, not just Hiro!

Last week, i had a shocking call from my friend.
One of our friend passed away. To be even worse, he died almost a month ago, and
nobody seems to know what happend to him, not until today.
He died because of meningitis, an infection in brain membrane or spinal fluid by
bacteria or a virus. It is very rare, and almost forgotten, not until today.

But, in this post, i don't want to discuss about desease or friendship.
I want to talk about a person uniqueness.

You know what,everybody is unique. Maybe is clise. But its thrue, and most people
spending their lives deniying it, denying of what they are just to make others happy
or to make their live easier.

So, this is what happend to my friends.
Early in his live, back when we're at high school, he was accosiate as a looser.
Because what? because he didn't pass to second grade because he failed domestic skill class.

I remember, after this, he become inferior. What once a active and funny guy started to
feeling miserable about his live. This feeling continue until the end of his life.

But was he a losser?

Don't think so.
Actually, he was a pretty good businessman. And a tough one.
I remember when he started to sell bread in his neighborhood. Then with the money
he stared to sell many other thing.

He had his best momment when he started a catering business with his aunt.
Back then, he already had a cellphone. None of us had, not until 2 or 3 years after him.

A couple year after that he graduate from college.

Now, it happends again.
Like we all do in Indonesia. Most parents wants us to become an employee. Go into a good college, take the best score (sometime whatever it takes to) and then apply to some big company of join goverment agency.

Well, actually its not so bad.
But what most people failed is, not everybody suitable for such kind of job or lives.
And for who doesn't fit, they are called looser. Because company or goverment agency always reject them.

But are they a looser?

I say they are not!

That's because not everybody suitable for such a booring job.
Some are perform better in art, some will have grow if they run their on business and so on.

This is what we have to realize...

At the end.
So long my friend.
You will never forgotten and always in our heard.
May Allah forgive your sin and accept you kindness.