Monday, February 5, 2007

Jakarta's Creative Industry Cluster

Hello all,
Its late and my wife was already sleep.
But I've got to write this before its gone.

Recently, at least among designer, we always heard about something called creative industry.
Many talked about its potential, how this industry can bring competitiveness in today
over crowed business, and even it can bring good fortune and rise a GDP of a country.

Well, i'm not gonna talk about definition this time.
If you still don't know about it, just ask your favorite search engine or visit wikipedia instead.

What i'm going to share is..
I'm thinkin...

I read about some case happened in UK and Singapore.
Basically, it is about try to accommodate this creative industry to become another strong
economic pillar for their country.

More or less the patter are the same.
These country give many young designer and artist an opportunity to realize their idea by giving
them access to producer, marketer, technology and money.

Then i'm thinkin...

Why can we try this in Jakarta?
Im dreaming about a creative ribbon from Kemang, Pondok Indah to Bintaro.
Why this area..well sorry if you live in this area ya
Because this area have the talent, market, lifestyle and money too.

Im dreaming about bunch of creative young people gather around, discussing, designing, producing
lots of great product and services.

Then, if applicable, they can outsource the production to another area.
If they making a bag, maybe they can order it from SUIK in Pulo Gadung or to Bandung.
If they making a shoes, thay can order it from Bogor or something.
If they making a furniture, they can order it from Cirebon, Jepara or else.

Yes, im dreaming about Indonesia having its own idea, design and product.
Not just a maker without the ability to design and creating brand.

Hope somebody read this and wake me from this dream.
So we can work this out together - not just a blog that do nothing :)

Good night everybody

Have a nice dream

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