Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mind Map Sharing

Ever heard about maind mapping?
Here a definition i take from Wikipedia

"Tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, and decision making.

It is an image-centered diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of information. By presenting these connections in a radial, non-linear graphical manner, it encourages a brainstorming approach to any given organizational task, eliminating the hurdle of initially establishing an intrinsically appropriate or relevant conceptual framework to work within.

A mind map is similar to a semantic network or cognitive map but there are no formal restrictions on the kinds of links used.

The elements are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts and they are organized into groupings, branches, or areas. The uniform graphic formulation of the semantic structure of information on the method of gathering knowledge, may aid recall of existing memories."

If you want to know more about it just follow this link to wikipedia.

But there is something else im about to tell you.

I have some mind map in my computer.
well most of them are not finished, but i think its still worthed.
I planned to share it with you in the future.


Ya, wahy? Nothing, i just want to share some of my tought, just like this blog afterall.
I think its better to spread the information, that to keep in myself and theres nothing
going on.

Ok, if you interested, first you should download a freemind and java.
Freemind is an opensource mind manager software, its small, simple and quite powerfull.
Install the Java first before the Freemind.

Freemind Windows | MacOSX
Java Runtime Environtment Windows

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