Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hivebox House - simple modern house at the far east of Jakarta

Location : Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java
Area : 176 sqm
Building area : 60sqm
Total building area: 110 sqm (2 level)
Architect : Triharsa Adicahya

This house was designed for family of 4 and located inside a residential cluster near the industrial complex at the east of Jakarta.

The basic concept of the house are how to design a house with simple and honest feeling.
Beside that, it should provided a good privacy for the family member while give the open and spacious feeling inside.

To achieve these objective, the house is designed inside simple rectangular box and placed in the middle of the land plot.

This arrangement is quite challenging for me. 1st, i have to design a complete layout inside a 2 level building and narrow,limited 5x10m area. On the plus side,beside providing the occupant with inner court yard, it gives the house an air circulation area around the building which bring fresh air and a spacious feeling for occupant.

Another added feature are, the house should be able to adapt future installment of solar panel. Thus, if we look from the front side of the house, we can see that its roof shape is angled toward South, which is believe to give solar panel more optimum output.
And to match this feature, another smaller pointy shape covering the voyer is added, give the overall building a unique shape.

At the first floor, it has a relatively large room with smaller section at the back use for services area.
Its large room is a place for the living room, dining room and an open kitchen. While placed on the same room, all 3 function has their own area and partitioned with the help of the main stair.

Large space with living room and kitchen separated by massif solid stair

Placed beside this room, there is a small open terrace that function as a voyer. This small voyer is then separated by a big glass folding door to split the public area and a more private area of the living room.

View from voyer to the dining room separated by glass folding door

The second floor is used as the family private area, consisted of 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom.
All the room are connected with small alley with huge window that flooded with light to give sense of larger space.

Bellow are 2D drawing of the house.

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan


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