Sunday, March 10, 2013

Windows 9 UI concept

Another UI concept....:)

Windows 8 is about 4 months old right now. Many people said bad thing about it and the PC that came along with it. They say its a compromise product, bad UI among many other things.

Personally, Im living with Windows 8 since the preview release last year, and for me its a great OS. Maybe its not perfect, but i believ its a new way and concept that will complete over time.

Do people even remember, iOS was not complete in the beginning. It can't load 3rd party app and missing multitasking capability. But, many people defense Apple, said it is what mobile OS should be. But, in reality iOS change time over time and become complete and more capable system. I believe Windows 8 will also change over time, patching the hole it has now.

OK. In this concept, i try to address two said problem found (and many people said) about Windows 8. One, about UI consistencies between desktop and modern UI. And two, about the notification system (again, do you remember that iOS also have a problem about this also? the one that finally fix with that pull down status bar..ehemm...just like Android).

Lets start it

First about the desktop UI.
In my concept, i try to redesign the taskbar, flatten it (its the trend now), and make it more consistence with the whole modern UI. The icon style also replaced with modern UI one. But, unlike todays Windows 8 taskbar that only display running desktop app, this taskbar - which i rename to "taskbox" will contain both running desktop , modern UI app, .
I also implemented notification box in here, the one that will also appear in the Start screen (and later in the Windows Phone 9 Start screen) so the whole thing would be consistences.
I imagine, the notification box can be expanded, so the user can response to what they see quickly. I guess, i will make the mockup UI for that later.

Second..The start screen.
I bring the "Taskbox" into the Start screen UI, change the shape of it to match the Start screen grouping icon.  The function is the same. It will contain the notification box, pinned app and running app (both desktop and modern UI app). The "Taskbox" will always be placed in the left side, so it will always visible when user go back to Start screen.

As you can see, the notification box is also present. It gives user quick access and fixed place for the user. They can response to it without have to go deeper into the apps.

Yes, with this solution, there are two method for the user to deal with push data, via the live tile and the notofication box. But, i think that shouldn't be a problem.

Last, Windows Phone implementation
I try to implement the concept on the Windows phone. The taskbox will always stays at the top of the screen for quick access. It can contain frequent used app, favorite live tile, notification box and display running app.

Thats it...


Anonymous said...

I like the Windowsphone 9 design! It's great!!!! A little bit more design, but its quite well!
I'd like to change the seperate colors of tiles... One tile orange, an other tile red,...

I hope WP will see your innovation, so they iterate it...x

The Geeks said...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

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