Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fream.in context aware layer for Android

Last summer (like there is a summer in Indonesia :) i join the first startup weekend in Jakarta. This is the first time i attend an event like this. This is also the first time i had my elevator pitch, my first public presentation.
Quite fun isn't it.

Again, it was the first time i release my idea to general public (now, you can see more of my idea here). And, at that event, i present the "fream.in"

Fream.in is my concept of context aware mobile device.
What it is? Ok, here is the example..

So, todays, everyone has a smartphone right. Some of you have Blackberry, other has iPhone and me, for some reason choose Dell Streak, an Android supersmartphone.
But, have you think..is you smartphone really smart or just standby for your command. Can it tell you important information related to your time, place/location and personal preferences (food, clothes, shops, friend etc) ?
I bet it can't..Our smartphone is just a dumb slaves.

The idea is to build a layer on top of Android. This layer will have the ability to tell you important information related to your time, place/location and personal preferences (food, clothes, shops, friend etc). Automatically..
And everything will be pushed into your home screen.

In the 90-2000's we have push email. In the near future, we will have pushed information..real time.

The practical use of this technology is enormous. Imagine this, we can have Android based automotive computer that can tell you if there is a traffic jam, local shop you like or event remind you. We can have smart TV that can recognize who's setting in front of it and stream related info for that person in particular time..and so on

I think you get my point..

Anyway, here is the presentation i made for the startup weekend



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