Thursday, June 9, 2011

user interface design, a new frontier

Haven't write anything for a very long time :)

So, i have a new toy for exploration. After playing with motorcycle design ( and still do), trying to design a special bag for netbook (since the first eee pc came out in 2007) which is quite success (hey, designboom let me present it at Sydney Design Week 2008) in 2011 i have a new adventure.

Its user interface design..

This field is actually one of my passion since i have my first pc (my family had our first PC when i was 19 years old) . Back then, i try to imagine alternative MS Windows 95 windows botton :)
I event tried so many alternative operating system (OS/2 Warp 4, QNX, Redhat 5.0, Mandrake etc) and installed so many Linux Windows manager (Blackbox, Afterstep, Enlightenment and so on)...why, just to have an experience and get the logic behind the UI.

When mobile phone become mainstream, i switch to mobile devices. I also try many OSes just to get the feel and logic of the UI. Backthen i had try all Symbian based UI (S60, S90 and UIQ), PalmOS, Windows Pocket PC and this year..Android.

But i just started to explore the design recently, by sketching some android app.
So, with it, i 'll begin to write this blog again as i design more ui concept.
Stay tune...
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