Friday, February 15, 2008

Hubpages - another web 2.0

Helo again,

Last month, some friend of mine introduce me to a new website called Hubpages. It's a web 2.0 kind of website. That mean that this website, much like other web 2.0 website like Youtube or Flickr, is filled by the content create by their user. If Youtube is filled by video create by their user, Hubpages content is article written by their user.

So, i decided to give it a try.
I sign up and look around.
Basically, hubpages is like squidoo. Here we can make a page about something that interest you. The page is called "hub". In that page you can write and article (actually this is the main content of the hub), put some picture and video. Like i said, its similar with squidoo, but simpler.In squidoo, you should build and collect information around a subject, much more like small portal.

Other similar thing, is, you can monitized your hub. There, you can put google adsense code (you can sign up to google adsense via hubpages if you haven't) and earn money everytime visitor click it (hubpages has a rule about this, read at their page for more detail). Or, you can sell thing via amazon or ebay.

On basic term, Hubpages is a social website that the member create a content for a specific subject. You can also create a group, join them, become fans of some writer and invite your friends to join. Much like other social website.

With its monitizing potential, Hubpages can become a great platfom for anyone of you that has interest in internet marketing. In the past you should create your own blog, apply for adsense (sometime even got rejection from google) as a way to earn money. Now, its even simpler. just create a hub, put some content, adsense code, Amazon or ebay gadget. It also relatively easier to get trafic. With your own blog, you have to update it regulary, apply some SEO technic and so on to get more traffic.

You can sign up here and star create your own hubpages.
It fun, and maybe..bring you fortune also :)