Friday, December 28, 2007

Using Sony Ericsson W950 as 3G modem on Asus eee pc

Yesterday i manage to make my Sony Ericsson W950 working as a 3G modem on my eee pc.
The method i used is base on a posting by Buxton in forum. You can visit the original post here.

The method only working for some Nokia phone, and it can't work with my Sony Ericsson W950. However, there is another post in the forum to make dial up connection with Sony Ericsson phone, but it need us to install wvdial and running it from terminal emulator. I simply don't want to do that. So, i try to tweak the Buxton's howto, and it works.

Here is my way of doing this. All done within Asus eee pc easy mode.

1. Plug you Sony Ericsson W950 with its USB cable.

2. Click Network icon on your internet tab section. As you can see, this is where Asus eee pc manage its network connection. Create a new connection and choose dial up networking (don't choose 3G, it simple not work, at least in my case).

3. Then, pick Sony Ericsson W950 as a modem, be carefull to pick the one with /dev/ttyACM1 after it named.

4. When done, input *99# as the phone number to connect. After that, fill in the user name and password suitable for your carrier setting. Finish this wizard, but don't bother to try to connect to internet just yet, we are not done.

5. Ok, now we go to the tricky part. Open the terminal emulator by pressing ctl+alt+t. Then type sudo bash. With this command, you will run all the command in super user mode, so by carefull.

6. Now, we will edit some file. type kwrite /etc/ppp/peers/dialup1 . This command will open up an text editor to edit the dialup1 file. After find a word that start with "modem" and type this at your dialup1 file.


save the file and exit text editor.
6.Again, type kwrite /etc/chatscripts/dialup1 . Edit it to looks like this

# This file was generated by xandrosncs tools.
"" ATZ
OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","your carrier APN"
OK ATD*99#

save and exit.

7.Disconnect all your connection and we are ready to test it. Connect the new connection. Wait for a while, if it works, it will fired up the modem and connect you to internet.

Done, enjoy your new modem :)